This simple test can determine your fitness and longevity


Everyone has a different way to measure fitness. Some feel weight is the best parameter, some like to perform push-ups or run a marathon. But these measures are not always the best ones.

There are so many people who lose the ease of movement at an early age, while there are some who have it till old age. A person who runs a marathon may still die early. Why is it so? This is because the body’s ability to continue using the joints without falling and as smooth as grease is not the same for all.

As per a recent report in the USA Today, a doctor from Brazil has invented the Sitting Rising Test (SRT) that can prevent the risk of dying in the next five years.

The USA report says, “You could predict your longevity quickly, easily and without even leaving your home? Scientific studies over the past 15 years have proven if you have trouble getting down and getting back off the floor, it’s nothing to laugh at”.

Sitting and rising from the floor is a basic functional task that needs appropriate levels of muscle strength, joint coordination, balance and flexibility. The best way to tell how to fit you are lies in how well you can stand from a seated position.


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