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Socialise, exercise and relax is the mantra of the newly-refurbished Senior Wellness Centre at Beverly Hills.

Designed for the community’s older residents, the centre encourages maintaining or regaining physical, social and emotional well-being under one roof.

Uniting opened the doors to the centre this month, for people aged 60 and older.

Whether it’s a fitness class or group activities including art, a book club, a game of mahjong or bus outings, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Visitors to the centre can exercise in a comfortable, supervised environment.

A qualified exercise physiologist is available to tailor a personalised health program, following a short fitness assessment.

Judith and Rodney, who live in the area, had a sneak peek of the centre before it opened and were excited at the prospect of being able to exercise and socialise more often.

“We have Damian coming to our house once a week to help us keep fit and prepare us for our upcoming knee operations,” the said.

“He’s since suggested we come to the centre to increase our exercise regime to more than one hour weekly.

“We’re now so motivated to come here regularly, as it’s convenient and will help us to improve our health and get fit faster.”

Accredited Exercise Physiologist Damian Cohen said the gym offered individualised exercise programs, targeted resistance equipment and guidance from qualified health professionals.

“Judith and Rodney are going to get the best health outcomes by using the right equipment here at the gym rather than being limited by what they can do at home,” he said.

“The ultimate goal is to enable people to stay at home longer and to age well.”

The centre also has a social engagement room where recreational programs are run to help seniors stay socially active and build friendships. There will be a variety of activities and themed days, which reflect the communities’ interests and preferences.

Chun Ying Pan, who used to visit the centre with her friends for an occasional game of mahjong before it was refurbished, said she was impressed by the new premises.

“With the addition of the gym equipment since the refurbishment, I can now participate in even more activities,” she said.

“I really missed socialising with my friends during the lockdown period and this is the perfect place for us to get together again and have a cup of tea and play mahjong.”

The centre also offers respite to carers who need to take a break on a regular basis. There are wellness programs to support carers and their loved ones.

The centre is situated at 18 Bridgeview Street, Beverly Hills and is open Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm.


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