Volunteering: It’s Good — and Healthy — For Agents, Their Clients, and Their Businesses


New Foresters Go Wellness App Rewards Members for Helping Others

Since its founding, the Foresters fraternal mission has been steadfast and is as relevant today as it was nearly 150 years ago. That mission is: Helping those who help others.

“Unlike other organizations that have embraced purpose because it’s popular, Foresters has always been a purpose-driven life insurer,” said Matt Berman, President of Foresters Financial U.S. “We are innovating across our products and member benefits to generate unique ways to encourage and reward those who help others. We’ll be right behind agents who want to volunteer in their communities. Our programs can help them have a greater impact; and our products and benefits can help them connect with like-minded volunteers who are making a difference.”

In the blog post, 5 Ways Volunteering Can Help Grow Your Business1, American Express reports on the positive forces that come with volunteering. They include:

• Enhance your skills
• Win publicity
• Make New Contacts
• Bolster Employee Moral
• Give Back to Your Community

“Our commitment to supporting local volunteers is a powerful differentiator for agents who work with Foresters,” said Mark Rush, Chief Distribution Officer for Foresters. “Want to engage in an activity that’s good and healthy for you, your clients, your employees, your community, and your business? Consider volunteering,” he said.

The Many Ways to Give and Get: Community Grants, Foresters Care, and Foresters Go™

There are many different ways Foresters fosters volunteering and community giving. The most impactful benefit for members2 is the $2,000 Community Volunteer grant. Foresters members can receive grants of $2,000 up to three times a year to use for local causes and disadvantaged parts of their communities. There are also smaller Foresters Care grants that are more quickly approved that provide $200 for small but impactful gestures to local causes

Most recently, Foresters introduced the new Foresters Go mobile app which takes volunteering to a whole new level. Foresters Go is a wellness engagement platform that not only rewards members for adopting a healthy lifestyle — it also provides rewards for volunteer activities and community-minded behavior.

Members receive points for their volunteer activity to use in the Foresters Go Reward Store for merchandise (e.g., tablets, smart watches), gift cards, and charitable donations. The app is available to all current and new Foresters members in North America.

“If you are an agent who is building a business, I suggest you become a Foresters member, and get out into your community and make a difference,” said Mr. Rush. “We have given you all the tools you need.”

Please call the Foresters Sales Desk at 866-466-7166 option 1 to learn more about Foresters products and member benefits.

1. https://www.americanexpress.com/en-us/business/trends-and-insights/articles/5-ways-volunteering-can-help-grow-your-business/

2. Foresters members are insureds under a life or health insurance certificate issued by The Independent Order of Foresters. Foresters member benefits are non-contractual, subject to benefit specific eligibility requirements, definitions and limitations and may be changed or cancelled without notice or are no longer available.

Foresters Go is provided by The Independent Order of Foresters and is operated by dacadoo AG.

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