Weight loss story: “I ate my dinner before 8pm and did weight training + cardio everyday”


My Breakfast: In the first month, I skipped my breakfast. For the second month I ate only an apple after my workout session. Then from the third month onwards, I had an apple + protein regularly.

Lunch : I had an apple with orange juice the first month. Gradually, I started having cabbage sabji with 2 pcs of jowar/bajra roti. From the third month onwards, I also added paneer and salad to my lunch diet.

Dinner: I made sure I had my dinner before 8pm.

1st Month: Salad/Fruits

2nd Month: Protein + salad/fruits

3rd Month: Paneer bhurji in olive oil/2 pcs roti (jowar or bajra)

At times, when I felt hungry, I had oats to help me to stay fuller. On cheat days, I had plain dosa without oil/butter. Also, I drank black coffee pre-workout.


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