Weight loss: The right time to eat for weight loss


To lose weight, dinner is extremely important. Having dinner at the right time is important. An early dinner is key to weight loss and a great physique. Eating at late hours leads to slow digestion and the entire process of digestion, even though slow, does not take place properly when you eat late. Not just this, late night meals disturb your sleep. Eating early aids the process of digestion and helps to digest meals better as it makes way for an overnight fast that lasts longer than the standard eight hours.

Experts say that eaters who had meals between 6 AM to 2 PM lost more weight as compared to those who ate late meals. However, this would lead to very long hours of fasting which is not suitable for everyone. It is therefore advised to stick to regular early timings which are between 6 PM to 6:30 PM. Eating dinner after 8 PM can lead to weight gain and adding inches to your waist and also lead to an overall weight gain, studies suggest.

Managing your meals’ content and timings can help a great deal in achieving the target weight and a healthy lifestyle.


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