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Jan 10, 2022

Saks.com has launched an online shop focused on wellness as health consciousness rises amid the pandemic.

The Wellness Shop encompasses four key pillars:

  • Fitness: An expanded range of athletic apparel, shoes and accessories, including recovery products from Hyperice, smart jump ropes from Tangram and apparel from Rhone, Beyond Yoga, Fourlaps and SoulCycle.
  • Health & Nutrition: Vitamins and supplements, protein powders, kitchen tech and tools and cookbooks, including plant‑based wellness supplements from Wylde One and smoothie blenders from Vitamix.
  • Sexual Wellness: Vibrators from Lelo, feminine care from Dr. Barbara Sturm, intimate products from Maude and menopause therapy devices from Joylux.
  • Rest & Relaxation: Mindfulness tools, sleep products and aromatherapy, including Surell weighted blankets, HATCH sleep machines, Vyrao therapeutic fragrances and sleep supplements from Hush & Hush.

Saks debuts its shop — featuring more than 100 brands, 50 of which are new to the retailer — at a time when personal health is being emphasized, in part because people with compromised immune systems have been more susceptible to catching COVID-19. Many have also turned to exercise and meditation for stress relief.

“Over the last two years, with more people working from home and changing their lifestyles, we’re seeing a larger demand for health-related items across all categories,” Tracy Margolies, Saks’ chief merchandising officer, told Forbes. “Customers are living a more casual lifestyle, pushing their fashion purchases toward athleisure. They’re also focusing on their wellbeing through nutrition and looking for ways to live a healthy lifestyle at home.”

Other retailers are upgrading their wellness initiatives, as well. Nordstrom, last September, started selling Viome’s at-home microbiome testing kits. Kohl’s began piloting Kohl’s Wellness Markets in October to offer personal care and cleaning solutions.

A global study from McKinsey last year found a substantial increase in the prioritization of wellness over the past two to three years. The study identified five wellness consumer profiles — Wellness Enthusiasts, Socially Responsible, Price-Conscious, Loyalists, Passive Participants — the first two of which are in Saks’ wheelhouse.

McKinsey wrote, “Wellness enthusiasts are high-income consumers who actively follow brands on social media, track new-product launches and are excited about innovations. The socially responsible prefer (and are willing to pay more for) brands that are environmentally sustainable and with clean/natural ingredients.”

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Has the wellness opportunity for luxury department stores been amplified by the pandemic or was it always there? Where do you see the biggest opportunity around wellness for luxury as well as more mainstream department stores?


“Although it may have always been present, personal wellness and selfcare has never been more important. “



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