What is Superfood? Is it Really Essential And Healthy? Nutritionist Explains All You Need to Know About Superfood


We have all heard about the importance of superfoods and how they are healthy. Some of the popular superfoods are blueberries, salmon, kale, and a lot more. There are other food practices too that can help you remain fit and healthy. Superfoods are essential but they are the not only means to attain nutrition and health values.Also Read – Weight Loss Post-Diwali: Tips to Shed Those Extra Kilos After Festive Season

Taking it to Instagram, Pooja Makhija, a renowned nutritionist, shares the same perspective on superfoods. The caption read,” Superfood products are ubiquitous in the wellness world. Companies make millions on labelling these products as superfoods — the global superfoods market size was estimated at $137 billion in 2018 – God alone knows where that number is right now — but do they really live up to the hype?” Also Read – 3 Superfoods You Must Eat While Working From Home, Nutritionist Recommends

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According to Pooja, nutrition and superfood don’t do magic by themselves. The magic happens when other strong structures at the bottom of the nutrition chain come together. For healthy, glowing skin and better immunity, proper sleep, a healthy diet plan, and an overall healthy lifestyle is required.

In the end, Pooja writes,” Remember the magic is not a superfood. It is consistency. Consistency in clean eating, exercise, de-stressing methods and sleep – together this is what increases your health and longevity and results in absence of diseases.”


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