Why Tom & Ariana Are The Perfect Zodiac Match


Vanderpump Rules stars Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval are both born under the intuitive and emotional Sun sign, Cancer. They are very compatible.

Long before Vanderpump Rules, Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval’s romantic destiny was written in the stars, as they were both born under the zodiac sign, Cancer. Tom and Ariana started as good friends who got to know one another while working as bartenders at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant, SUR. While Tom’s ex Kristin Doute assumed that Tom was cheating on her with Ariana, he really wasn’t.

When his troubled relationship with Kristin ended, he started going steady with Ariana pretty quickly. While he denied the infidelity allegations, his lightning-fast rebound did raise eyebrows. Now, Ariana and Tom may be the best couple on Vanderpump Rules. These fan favorites definitely seem inseparable.


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Ariana and Tom’s biggest problems crop up when Tom is melodramatic or Ariana is living with anxiety and depression. Tom can be endlessly sunny and has to take a step back to create space for Ariana. Meanwhile, she needs to practice patience, so she can allow Tom’s inner superstar to shine brightly. Overall, the couple does have a strong astrological foundation for a “forever” match. That being said, in the Vanderpump Rules milieu, anything can happen.

Tom Sandoval Is A Sensitive Cancer


Tom was born on July 7, 1983, in St. Louis, Missouri. He is a Cancer Sun with Virgo rising and a Gemini Moon. It’s important to note that Tom’s Venus sign is Leo. With Venus in Leo, Tom takes friendship seriously and he’s very loyal. On the flip side, he attaches himself to those who make him look good, which leads to arrogance and selfishness. This Vanderpump Rules cast member, movie star, musician, and author loves the spotlight. He also has a very short attention span, thanks to his Gemini Moon. His Cancer Sun balances him out, making him very sensitive to others’ feelings. He is also a nostalgic and sentimental person. His Virgo rising sign does make Tom hypercritical of how he appears to others.

As a perfectionist, he takes himself seriously, but he can come down hard on others as well. However, Tom knows how to get stuff done with precision, and he doesn’t have patience with those whose standards and methods aren’t up to par. His ambitions lead him down many paths, and his Gemini Moon keeps him creative and curious. His foray into music video production is a prime example of the Gemini Moon native’s need for variety.

Ariana Madix Also Has A Cancer Zodiac Sign


Ariana was born on June 24, 1985, in Melbourne, Florida. She is a Cancer Sun with a Virgo Moon and ascendant. Ariana was accused by Jax Taylor of not opening up to production. Her Virgo energy makes her serious but she does have a cheerful side. Ariana can be very self-critical and worry a lot about what others think of her, just like Tom does. On the positive side, she’s practical and leans toward an uncomplicated and healthy lifestyle. Her inherently intuitive and loving Cancer Sun mirrors Tom’s and this connection brings them both emotional support and security.

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Ariana’s Virgo and Cancer placements suggest a deep-seated need to be helpful to others, especially in a family unit. Her Venus is in Taurus, making her loyal and affectionate in her intimate relationships. Tom is the same thanks to his Venus in Leo. As a Taurus Venus, she also focuses on taking time to make her home just right, reinforcing the narrative surrounding Tom and Ariana’s drawn-out process of choosing chairs for their new house. If Ariana and Tom do get pregnant, these two Cancers should be nurturing (but perhaps overly attentive) parents.

Will This Vanderpump Rules Couple Be A Forever Match?


Ultimately, Tom’s need for perfection conflicts with Ariana’s need to move at her own pace. However, his Cancer and Gemini energy do create space for her feelings. At the same time, Ariana’s methodical Virgo placements can reign Tom in and appeal to his own Virgo energy, especially when his Venus sign triggers some tantrums. Both Vanderpump Rules stars are loving, orderly, and likely in it for the long haul.

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