Woman criticised for secretly filming ‘ego lifter’ at the gym


A woman who secretly recorded a man at the gym, who she described as an “ego lifter”, has been called out on social media.

In a video shared to TikTok, user dvniel_73 could be seen working out behind a man lifting weights.

“This ego lifter at Gold’s [a US-based gym chain] kept going in front of me just to do these half ass raps,” a caption on the video said.

In response, personal trainer and fellow TikTok user Joey Swoll shared his insight on what he believes may have been going on, and why the man had gone in front of the woman.

“So, these are called partials,” Swoll said. “This is a great exercise for the deltoid. It’s going to give you a great burn, a great pump.

Swoll, who regularly calls out people for secretly recording others in the gym, went on to explain the man’s movements.

“The key to this workout is to only do about one-third the range of motion of a side lateral raise and to also go heavy and high rep. Body builders love this movement.”

He also addressed the woman, telling her that he doesn’t believe the man is standing in front of the weight rack to be mean or disrespectful.

“I think it’s just easier for him to use a heavy weight, re-rack it, and then do drop set after drop set,” he said.

“Also, the fact that you had to hide your phone to take this video shows me that you knew better. That you knew you were wrong in what you were doing, but you did it anyway.

“Be better than that, mind your own business.”

Swoll’s video has been viewed more than seven million times and has received hundreds of comments praising the trainer for his response.

“This man is so kind and makes me proud to go to the gym. I’ll try and be more like you,” one person said

Another wrote: “Some people just shouldn’t be allowed phones in the gym. The poor guy was just trying to get his reps in for the day.”

Others said that while they disagreed with the woman for secretly recording the man, he should not have gone in front of her.

“But seriously, right in front of her? I don’t condone this. But I understand the exercise. Never stand in front of someone,” one person wrote.

Another said: “I agree with everything you’re saying except that he could just take a few steps back.”

The woman’s account and video have since been deleted.


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