The 12 Week Standard Coaching Program

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A comprehensive 12-week coaching program with nutrition and exercise instruction that increases your motivation, promotes fat reduction, ensures workout compliance, and yields rapid, life-altering results.

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The 12 Week Standard Coaching Program - $297

  • Smartphone App Use: use our smartphone app to access and log your workouts, view your nutrition plan, track your weight, and progress photos
  • Workout Plan: have a customized workout program that is changed along the way as needed to limit the guesswork of what to do and when to do it.
  • On-Going Support: have ongoing support from your trainer to ask questions.
  • Weekly Programming & Calendar Monitoring Check-ins: we’ll set up your program every week as necessary, including scheduling workouts, and then check it throughout the week to keep you accountable and give feedback as necessary.
  • Phone call check-in: Phone call check-in: regular phone call (video or audio) to see how things are going, go over any questions you might have, and plan accordingly.
  • Nutrition support: get help with nutrition with varying levels of support offered (see below).
  1. Nutrition Resources: we will give you some nutrition resources to help you understand your caloric and protein needs for your goal. Use a sample Meal Plan as a resource to help you understand how you could eat (this is not a prescriptive diet).
  2. Nutrition Guidance and Feedback: everything is listed in Nutrition Resources. We’ll keep you accountable for your nutrition by reviewing food logs and offering feedback (e.g., handwritten pen and paper or MyFitnessPal). We’ll also focus on nutrition habit creation and tracking (e.g., eat ½ plate of vegetables at most meals).

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