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As we age, staying in excellent health becomes more challenging. It can also be a challenge to maintain good physical function and conditioning. You may feel more stressed, tired, stiff, and less confident.

*Have you tried—and failed—at diets and exercise programs in the past?

*Are you frustrated by slow, steady weight gain that seems resistant to anything you try?

*Are you looking for a quick and permanent solution for weight loss?

"Hi, My Name is Naajiy (aka Coach "G"). I'm a proud military veteran, and I work with seniors and beginners who want to jumpstart their fitness goals, build strength, boost stamina, manage their weight, and increase their mobility and flexibility!"

As a Senior Fitness Specialist and Type II Diabetic Fitness Specialist, my main goal is to help my clients achieve their personal fitness goals and lead a healthy lifestyle. I am committed to building lifelong professional relationships with my clients and using the most effective fitness techniques and programs to produce results as quickly as possible.

I am dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest fitness advancements through continuing education so that I can incorporate the most modern and effective fitness tools to improve my clients' strength, endurance, flexibility, and overall physique. I follow scientifically proven protocols to help my clients achieve their fitness goals as efficiently as possible.

By working with me, my clients will improve their physical health, enhance their self-image, and approach the world with newfound energy and confidence to tackle personal, business, and professional challenges. Let's work together to achieve your fitness goals and live your best life!

If you're looking for help with fitness, nutrition, and weight management, you've come to the right place.

I create simple and highly effective plans that can help you reach your goals from anywhere. Whether you need

help in the gym, at home, or with healthy recipe ideas; I've got you covered.

As a senior fitness coach with 20+ years of experience, I'll help you to feel and look like the greatest version of

YOURSELF again. Yes, I'm here to help you get your SWAG (Self-confidence, Well-being, and Greatness) back!

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