"Attention, Strong, Sexy Seniors and Active-Agers! Welcome to Fit and Trim University Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching."

"We help seniors and active-agers go from struggling with energy and fitness to regaining their vitality, staying active, and fully enjoying their retirement through a tailored fitness and nutrition plan, personalized guidance, daily motivation, and a supportive community.”

Aren't you tired of the wasted time and frustrations keeping you from reaching your goals?
  • "Say goodbye to the days of an unstructured fitness plan."
  • "Wave goodbye to inconsistent motivation for good."
  • "Bid farewell to confusing and unsustainable diets."
  • "No more struggling to find age-appropriate fitness resources."
  • "Forget the need for social support and accountability issues."
Now Imagine a program where you:
  • "Discover evidence-based personalized fitness plans to match your unique needs and goals."
  • "Stay consistently motivated with expert guidance and support throughout your wellness journey."
  • "Experience clarity in your nutrition with straightforward and sustainable dietary strategies."
  • "Access a wealth of age-appropriate fitness resources tailored to your stage in life."
  • "Enjoy the benefits of a supportive community and accountability partners as you work towards a healthier and happier you."

"Don't wait any longer to be the master of your health and overall well-being. Unlock your full potential and optimal longevity with Fit and Trim University's Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching."

"Are you frustrated by slow, steady weight gain that seems resistant to anything you try? Are you looking for a quick and permanent solution for weight loss? Have you tried and failed diets and exercise programs in the past? It's not your fault... So have I."

"Here at Fit and Trim University, we train and coach Strong and Sexy adults 45+ who want to become

healthier and fitter, play with their grandchildren, and enjoy their lives to the fullest. We provide online and

digital services via our mobile coaching app, online courses, downloadable guides, and our [FREE] 21-Day

Strong and Sexy Kick-Start Challenge."




Nutritional Strategies: Easy to follow

healthy meal plans designed by

accredited dietitians – no crash dieting

or counting calories.


Personalized Programs: Different levels of exercise from beginner to advanced. Workout or as little as 10 minutes a day – no intimidating circuits or gym equipment required.


Find Your Balance: Key life-changing messages, strategies and techniques from your personal coach to keep you on track and motivated



Imagine, Finally Finding a Fitness and Weight Loss Program That Could Give You the Permanent Results You Deserve - Once and For All.


Are you looking for a fitness program custom-designed for the female body, that you can simply download and follow the steps in your own time? Whether it's Fat Loss, Target Training, or Lean Muscle Gain, we have you covered.


Are you looking for a fitness program custom-designed for the male body, that you can simply download and follow the steps in your own time? Whether it's Fat Loss, Beach Physique, or Muscle Gain, we have you covered.


Age doesn’t mean you have to slow down or break down! Whether you want to build up a basic level of fitness to feel healthier, step up your fitness to a higher level or show the younger generations what it really is to be fit, there’s a program for you.

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